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拿米网 (naM.cn) —— a display platform of Chinese domain names jointly collaborated by SLL(USA)Corp. and 双利来®科技 (Shuanglilai ® Technology). Our principle is to benefit the nation and its people, promote win-win cooperation. Our mission is to guide enterprises and investors to positive value and fortune in the Internet Era. With the rapid development of China’s network construction, the general trend of network power, as well as the significant role of Chinese culture in today’s world, the scientific and technological progress of accessing the Internet in Chinese and voice input has completely changed the old Network Age which only relies on English and pinyin for years. Chinese domain name can carry forward the national culture directly, and can directly display the product, the service and the brand concept of an enterprise in the cyber world. It can also endow customers photographic memory mentally and cognitively. The advantage of Chinese domain name is its own cultural value, which makes it never be matched by any form of network promotion and bidding rankings.
The application and development of Chinese domain name will directly affect all walks of life, with which users can directly find products and services in the shortest possible time. Only the universal application of Chinese domain name can completely eliminate fraud and phishing website. In the future, Chinese domain name is of the greatest value in the Great China with more than 5,000 years of cultural heritage.
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